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17 August, 21:54

 Madison County Board of Commissioners

Vacation, Sick and Holiday Leave
~ 8 hours vacation/8 hours sick per month, accrued monthly.
~ Vacation increase in 2 hour increments every 5 years until employment exceeds 20
~ 11 paid holidays per year.

Health Insurance
~ Employee Coverage paid 100%
~ Co-pay for Primary Care Physician visits
~ Family Coverage available with bi-weekly payroll deductions

Life Insurance
~ $30,000 Policy paid 100% for Employee

Pension Plan
~ Defined Benefit Plan funded 100% by the County
~ No employee contribution
~ Participant after 3 years service, vested after 5 years

Deferred Compensation Plan
~ Voluntary retirement plan funded by employee
~ 457 Plan for Government Employees
~ No penalty for early withdrawal
~ Pre-tax investment from payroll deduction

~ Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks & Banking Benefits
~ Dental Coverage
~Vision Coverage
~ Short Term and Long Term Disability and Supplemental Life Insurance, Aflac Supplemental Insurance

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